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2012 W-2 Now Available!

We have partnered with Global Cash Card (GCC) to host your W-2 and paycheck stubs.
Follow the link below to set up your account and access your W-2.

Kimco W-2 & Pay Stubs powered by GCC - Click Here

For any questions or problems with accessing your W-2 or paycheck stubs call Global Cash Card 866-395-9200

      To access Kimco New Hire Documents - Click Here
      Paper copies of these documents are available at every Kimco branch and will be
      provided to you upon request.

      To view timecard instructions and download a timecard - Click Here

      To sign into our Kimco's Associate Timecard (KAT) - Click Here

      Employee Paycard Information - Click Here

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Workplace Fact
The 5 things an employee is looking to answer during an interview are
1) Can you do the job?
2) Will you do the job?
3) Will you get along with others?
4) Are you manageable?
5) Can the company afford you?